Summer Internship Training!

High school students, join us July 28th and 29th to learn more about what it means to teach art. See our calendar for times.

Call Mrs. Suzie at (408) 499-7596 to RSVP


CALL: 408.499.7596 • EMAIL: [email protected]

Next LPA Meeting July 18th

Online student’s parents are invited to join us for our July LPA meeting. Get involved in your students’ education and learn more about our programs.


Get $25 off your first month of tuition for you and a friend! Invite a friend to schedule an orientation with Mrs. Suzie at (408) 499-7596. Please have them mention you as their referral during their orientation and registration!


Join us this June and July for a week long online summer art camp full of fun projects for ages 9 and up!
Click here for more information.

Art for everyone. Lord of the Light Art Studio & Gallery provides art enrichment services for San Jose, California.

Using art as a vehicle for learning, we provide students with a nurturing environment to enhance their creativity, perspective and develop critical skills to prepare our youth for the world ahead.

Together with our Weekly program, Internship program and College Portfolio program we serve our students with the guidance and foundations necessary to help them grow to their full potential.

Please, give us a call at 408-997-3112 or visit our website at for more information about our art enrichment services!

Art Enrichment and Art Classes and Art Lessons for students of all ages. We offer ongoing classes for students. One class a week, four times a month. For our high school students who are currently enrolled we also provide them with the opportunity to teach along side their teachers. This programs helps our students with self confidence, critical thinking and important communication skills. We also offer a portfolio program for high school student who might be interested in creative careers or simply enhancing their college application using their artwork in place of sports or additional extracurriculars. Don’t forget to join us every summer for our special Art Summer Camp! Perfect for beginners or students who would like to sample our classes prior to enrolling in our weekly program. Unique to our program is our uniquely designed curriculum, created to parallel our students academic education. Students who enroll during their early years will continue learning brand new skills, tools and knowledge about the arts long into their high school years and even college! Our curriculum will build creativity, patience, discipline, confidence and important values for each student to aid in their academic, professional and personal lives.