Art for everyone. Lord of the Light Art Studio & Gallery provides art enrichment services for San Jose, California.

Using art as a vehicle for learning, we provide students with a nurturing environment to enhance their creativity, perspective and develop critical skills to prepare our youth for the world ahead.

Together with our Weekly program, Internship program and College Portfolio program we serve our students with the guidance and foundations necessary to help them grow to their full potential.

Please, give us a call at 408-997-3112 or visit our website at for more information about our art enrichment services!

Art Enrichment and Art Classes and Art Lessons for students of all ages. We offer ongoing classes for students. One class a week, four times a month. For our high school students who are currently enrolled we also provide them with the opportunity to teach along side their teachers. This programs helps our students with self confidence, critical thinking and important communication skills. We also offer a portfolio program for high school student who might be interested in creative careers or simply enhancing their college application using their artwork in place of sports or additional extracurriculars. Don’t forget to join us every summer for our special Art Summer Camp! Perfect for beginners or students who would like to sample our classes prior to enrolling in our weekly program. Unique to our program is our uniquely designed curriculum, created to parallel our students academic education. Students who enroll during their early years will continue learning brand new skills, tools and knowledge about the arts long into their high school years and even college! Our curriculum will build creativity, patience, discipline, confidence and important values for each student to aid in their academic, professional and personal lives.


"Art through the Breath of Life"

Many years ago, we decided to hold art lessons out of our garage. Together with a team of dedicated local parents and high school students, we started an after-school program to share the joy of fine art with children of all ages, igniting their imaginations.

A handful of students grew to over fifty, and before we knew it, our garage could no longer contain the excitement surrounding creativity and self-discovery. Soon we moved into our current beautiful studio, and Lord of the Light was born. After many wonderful, humbling moments from our tiny garage, we expanded our reach to share the joy of art with more and more children in our community. We focused our efforts on providing a safe haven for our students’ creativity and imagination.

We nurture inquisitive, resourceful artists who are constantly driven to push their creative boundaries. By doing so, our students are able to develop their own unique style and once they possess this, they are able to leave their mark on the world.

Our curriculum is built around the concept of taking initiative. At every step, we encourage our students to ask questions, take risks, and think critically. As they make decisions, they develop their own innate values. And as they challenge themselves, they build confidence and experience the joy of learning.

Creating living art isn’t just fun. It has the power to inspire students to live their best lives.

Meet our talented instructor and intern teams!

Teamwork is an integral part of our creative philosophy at Lord of the Light. We believe that it is by working together as a team that we discover, and in turn foster, the joy of learning. Our mutual passion for creating and teaching art brought us together here at Lord of the Light, and above all, we aim to cultivate the love of art and the joy of learning in all of our students.