Our Curriculum

Lord of the Light has art programs designed to help students discover their artistic expression and its values. With the assistance of our skilled teachers and our curriculum, students build a strong foundation which helps develop their own style.

The core of our teaching starts with simple lines we call, “Breathstrokes”. This simple stroke lets students freely express themselves and invites them into the world of art.

Utilizing Breathstrokes, students will be inspired and encouraged to try things they would not otherwise. Our students acquire attributes, like humility, focus and the confidence to try something new while appreciating the struggles along the way. Growth through struggles position our students to find the excitement that leads into the joy of learning. However the real magic is when the students acknowledge their improvements and true potential for themselves.

Generally, for students of all ages we offer our “Basic Curriculum” which naturally layers information to build their skills and foundations. Students will enjoy learning the basics seemingly without effort.    

For younger students we have put together an introductory curriculum, called “Star”. The program is fun, exciting and at the same time lets our young artists experience an invaluable lesson in being successful, recognizing their true potential. This curriculum jumpstarts our younger artists and refines their motor and observational skills, preparing them for the “Basic 1 – 14 Curriculum”.

Our Programs


We offer our High School students an opportunity to share and engage with our younger students through our internship program. Students-turned-teachers will undergo a life changing experience which will impact the growth of their students and themselves. The internship program gives an increased sense of awareness to communicate clearly and concisely.

The program provides new perspective for the interns to think on their feet. The interaction of guidance, encouragement and valuable insight allows the interns to assess the student’s artwork and their own more objectively. 


In addition, we offer a Portfolio Program for our High School students looking to pursue a career in the art or design field. The program is customized for every student to develop independence while collaborating with our Portfolio instructors.  Our team devotes their time to plan and guide each artist to reach beyond their expectations. Having witnessed these students first hand, we are very proud of their courage and perseverance in their struggles to search for their style and message. In the end it is their commitment that breaks through walls of doubt to champion their final portfolio pieces.  However what is most important is the confidence they gain to openly challenge themselves to new heights without fear.  Enamored with the joy of learning, we strongly feel our students will contribute and share their learning with the world.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs please contact us or visit our studio.