Many of you may remember a time when you first picked up a pencil or a crayon and began to draw. Do you remember the joy and freedom you felt as you scribbled effortlessly across the page? It was a time before technique and reason were of any value. You simply expressed what you felt within your heart, regardless of how it looked or what others thought.

Sadly, this “love” may have been put aside as a nostalgic memory of the past.

If all children are artists, why do adults doubt their artistic abilities? Somehow, somewhere, something was lost in the midst of growing up. Money, perfection and worldly aesthetics became more valuable than expression. There is nothing wrong with these things, but they do have the ability to stifle one’s expression and joy. We believe it’s never to late to reconnect with what is most important.

As you tour this gallery, please take note of the expressions found in every one of these special artworks. Each was uniquely created by students of all ages and backgrounds. Every piece is different and can only be made by the specific student. For this reason, there is not one that is “better” than the other. What we see with our eyes alone is very different from what is felt inside the heart. This is the definition of what our gallery calls, “living art.”

Try to remember that we were all once children. Perhaps it is still in us. Our hope is that we will be reminded of our first love for art and its importance. Let’s search deep within our hearts, it might be just a few dusty crayons away…